Tea with Michael

Elite Painter 2015 - Tea with Michael

Presented by Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery

17 October 2015

Michael Tan continues to lead in the field of Singapore Art, with successful record sales in the past decade. 

By popular demand, Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery is organizing a tea session with one of the most promising painter in South-east Asia. The paintings on display are put together to form a compelling story of the Kampung Life. The story seeks to capture the simple and natural values that are eroded in urban living.

Art collectors are captivated by Michael’s paintings which are richly detailed and gloriously coloured, with most of the themes set in the realm of rusticity. He scrutinizes his subjects with the eye of a microbiologist, then gives a glittering brocade-like quality to the minutiae of Kampung Life.

Drawn with cheerful spontaneity that parallels the happy cheer of Kampung folks, Michael’s paintings speak of family and tradition, warmth and vibrancy, harmony and contentment.

Ms Joy Loh, Art Director of Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery and the Exhibition Curator, commented, “Michael Tan is our most promising Elite Painter. Art buyers have shown discerning taste, recognizing the quality of works offered at our gallery. The market is continuing to show a strong interest in Michael’s paintings. This artist will be a phenomenal success.”

This art exhibition is open to the public.
The exhibition artworks can be viewed here.
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