Fan Shao Hua

Journey in Art by Fan Shao Hua

As the lotus is known for its unpolluted quality and the Chinese literati, since the ancient days, have looked upon it as a symbol of holiness, purity and beauty. After painting it for over a thousand years, there are now different schools of thought on the flower.

I chose to paint the lotus simply because I love it and for what it represents. The lotus demands qualities that I myself wish to attain in life, such as dignity, nobleness and strength. I have tried creating the lotus of my heart but that has been a very challenging task so far.

When I began to paint my lotuses in oil, I used oil and representational painting techniques in Western art to express them in the xieyi, or free expression style, as in Chinese ink painting. In this way, I blend the characteristics of Chinese ink into Western art, particularly its abstract elements, thus allowing the oils to even show effects similar to those in Chinese ink works. I later created folded lines in the background to give a crumpled effect. This was how I gave birth to my abstract lotuses in oil with their lasting appeal, and similar to those created in Chinese ink.

Excerpt from ‘Journey in Art’ by Fan Shao Hua
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