Corporate Art Rental

Art Rental is an ideal way to create an ever-changing and stimulating environment in your home or place of business.
Eagle's Eye offers you the chance to enjoy original art at a reasonable cost. Choose your cherish keeps from our collection of original paintings, drawings, limited-edition prints and rare sculptures by the local and world-renowned artist.

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Free Consultation!

Speak with our Eagle’s Art Specialist who will assist you with the selection of artworks for your home and office.


    Rental Cost

    • Monthly rental starts from $80 per painting.

    Rental Period

    • The minimum period of rental is one year. 


    Do we provide Art Rental for events and shorter period?

    Yes, we do. Give us a call at 6339 8297 to find out more. 


    Pick Your Choices!

    We have more than 4000 artworks for you to choose from.





     And much more ......