S. Tan

Simon Tan is an accomplished and outward-looking artist. He studied Chinese art and Chinese calligraphy painting before moving on to learn Western art. He loves to explore new techniques and fuses Eastern and Western sensibilities in art. Tans's paintings are infused with vigor and resonance. He has a restless urge to explore scenes that are visually appealing to him. He loves to paint directly on-site. He loves the old Chinatown. To him, Chinatown encapsulates history, culture, and daily existence. He captures the vibrant visual atmosphere in this painting. The brush works are very spontaneous and exuberant. The dashes of red depict a celebratory mood.

When Tan finds a place irresistible, he will translate his passion into the canvas by painting on the spot. There is an urgency to capture the charm of that place. The buildings are multifaceted with a layered look.

To Tan, it is not important to paint in a hyper-realistic manner. What is important is to respond to the visual stimuli of a place directly. He responds to the environment. According to Tan, painting is all about creativity, not copying from reality.
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