#01-24 Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore

Exhibition is free admission and open to the public.

Be enthralled with the enchanting paintings by a group of watercolourists through a series of familiar scenes of Singapore. 
A wide spectrum of local activities are vividly captured in their illustrations of old street scenes of Chinatown, the Singapore River, the civic district and vanishing Kampungs. These artists are fulfilling one of their key roles in society by documenting the fast changing economic and social landscapes  of Singapore.

By bringing together these artists’ works, we can compare and contrasts their different styles, interpretation of similar subjects and ways of seeing. Through their art collection, YK Leong shows  a  keen grasp of details, Simon Tan displays graceful simplicity, Foo Kwee Horng portrays subtlety in colours, Khor Seow Hooi illustrates precision in his meticulous compositions and Andrew Yeo creates spontaneity and lyricism in his sketches.

We have chosen watercolour as a media because of its transparency and brilliancy. The fluidity and versatility of watercolour allows each artist to capture the subtle variances of light and colour. They are not as opaque and intense as oil.

 Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery is delighted to present a breathtaking tapestry of inspired art in pastel hues.


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