Framing of Artworks

Museum Quality Custom Framing Services in Singapore

Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery offers Museum Quality framing to artists and collectors since 1995. We have been making picture frames for over 20 years.

Let us turn your fine art into beautiful works of custom framed masterpieces. We take great pride in preserving and enhancing your art. A well thought out match can instantly elevate the aesthetic of an artwork, allowing the frame to bring out the lustre of your painting.

 Our art experts will help you choose from our extensive selection of framing materials. From high-end, handcrafted frame options for your most precious artwork to more budget projects, we have a wide array of frames to fit your framing need and budget. We deliver high quality workmanship.

Our pricing is competitive and our quality uncompromised.


Custom Art Frames

Have an unframed artwork?

Please bring it to our gallery for framing.

Our frame makers provide a wide selection and our art consultants will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect frame.

Come visit our showroom at a convenient location:

15 Stamford Road

#01-60 Capitol Piazza

Singapore 178906

Tel: +65 6339 8297



Conservatory Framing

In addition to standard framing, our gallery also offers conservatory framing should you require in-depth preservation for your artwork. What is conservation framing? Conservation framing methods aim to preserve and protect works of great value. Whether you are framing an expensive, original piece by a renowned artist or something of sentimental value to you, the team at Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery is trained in conservation methods.

For over 20 years, we have been providing museums, government ministries, MNCs, SMEs, corporate offices, private collectors, artists and individuals with preservation framing solutions and conservation framing services.

We strive to preserve the life and value of your artworks. Over the years, our staff has handled a vast array of artworks of a wide variety of mediums. We believe every piece of art is unique and requires careful consideration to determine the appropriate frame, treatment, adhesives and matting options.

We use plywood with a layer of non-porous pvc backing to support the artwork along with acid-free mattboard. Acid-free mattboard is not treated with chemicals and slows down natural molding by 70%. It gives your artwork more protection against the natural wearing and tearing of time and ensures its longevity for years to come.

Call: 63398297


Custom Framed Mirrors

Custom framed mirrors add style, light and sophistication to any space. Mirrors reflect light and brighten dark rooms.

A mirror strategically placed in your home can visually expand a room to add depth and a sense of space.

At Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery, our art consultants will be happy to work with you to design a framed mirror in the exact size you need, with a design that fits your home décor and style.

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