Faces of Asia




Eagle’s Eye Art Gallery presents an exuberant series of artworks by various Southeast Asian artists at the exhibition: Faces of Asia. Much like how we comprehend emotions from the facial expressions of a person, the exhibition presents the power of conveying sentiment, narrative and storytelling through art.


Fall in love through the enchanting and romantic hues of Ching Kek How’s deft strokes of watercolours. Take a nostalgic trip down to the good, old days of Malaysia through the works of Alex Leong which depict the everyday life and buildings of Penang. Bask in the tranquillity encapsulated in Prabhakara’s works which are inspired by notions of Buddhism and nature.  For all the cat lovers out there, try spotting the signature Michael Tan cat in his artworks which capture the essence of the simpler kampong life.  


The exhibition hopes to foster a deeper appreciation of Southeast Asian art and artists by inviting viewers to ponder about the story behind the emotions of every “face” presented by the artwork. 


Which story appeals to you the most? Which “face” can you relate to?


On top of that, the artworks in Faces of Asia showcases the different phases of art movements from Impressionism to Abstract. Witness the progression of Southeast Asian art as it adapts and evolves with every art movement. Watch it unfold with every artwork you view.


The Faces of Asia features artworks by Alex Leong, Andrew Yeo,Ching Kek How, Choo Keng Kwang,David Joe Lim,Goh Beng Kwan, Goh Chye Kee,Kami Yamaso, Lee Long Looi, Lui Cheng Tak, Michael Tan,Prabhakara,  Simon Tan, Tung Yue Nang and Wan Soon Kam.



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