Lee Long Looi

Lee Long Looi was born in Malaysia and graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.

Lee has been steadily building a prestigious artistic career for more than 40 years. He is known as an Asian artist who bridges Eastern tradition of painting with Western Art movement. A close look at Lee Long Looi paintings, one will discover that his paintings are the results of hybridism between Chinese and Asian Heritage. The works of Lee Long Looi seem to be generously inspired by human nature, particularly maidens. He paints female-figures with open mouths to symbolise the life force of breathing. These female figures are seen engaged in solemn moods and intrigued by their own personal moments. Most of his paintings depict women whose facial expressions are tranquil and their bodies naturally surrender to the uniformity of nature. Rich colours of oil paints spread throughout the canvases, illustrating textured lines and contrasting colours, which inspire a primitive touch to his naïve style painting. There is something more captivating about Lee’s female figures. The faces of these female figures show serene, calm and meditative expressions, which are devoid of complicated facial lines. They reveal innocent vulnerability. Although his series of female figures are rather melancholic, the strong contrast of colours on his paintings offers his viewers a dazzling light which expresses the joy of the human spirit. As Lee explores deeper into his deep affinity to the universe, he produces paintings with the hope that people can learn to understand nature and be attuned to nature.

Lee’s artworks seem to be a spectacle of the battle of human endurance. His works illustrate a representation of exploration into his inner psyche, in search of “peace”, a desire to overcome all obstacles and welcome life with warmth and love. Lee Long Looi’s paintings appeal not only to our vision, they also appeal to our sense of hearing. Each painting comes with a melody. The melodies that he hums are not from the common radio tunes but are new melodies, which are born with every new painting. Lee has had a series of one-man shows in the States, Canada and Asia as well. Lee’s works are among such corporate collections as Citibank, N.A., ABC-TV, Malaysia Counselor, New York, Miami City Hall, Toronto School Of Business, and European Car Center Inc.

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