Andrew Yeo

Artist Andrew Yeo finds his subjects in the places, things and people of Singapore. His paintings offer us a peak into the intimate views of habitation and material culture of Singapore life from the early kampong days of the 1950s to modern developments. In his paintings, he is inspired by vibrant street and river activities, makeshift stalls, the spontaneous arrangement of shopfronts and vanishing trades. Andrew has extended his portfolio beyond the usual tourist finds to surprise us with nooks and corners and fringe landmarks. His paintings offer us vivid pictorial documentation of material culture while exuding warmth and welcome with bright colours.

Watercolour is his favourite medium. As an accomplished talented artist, he developed his own distinctive style from an early age, drawing the attention of art aficionados to ink wash - a combination of watercolour and ink outlines.  He enjoys painting Chinatown scenes, roadside stalls, historical buildings and fishing villages. 


Andrew Yeo’s Art Repertoire
Watercolour, oil, pastel, ink, acrylic, mixed media, charcoal, collage

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