Vessel III


Pottery by Tan Gek Lin.

Artwork Size: 5 x 5 x 5.5 inches


"I enjoy the process of pottery-making.

I like the challenge of making good pottery.

I am consciously & sub-consciously inspired by the designs of this world.

I hope my works create moments for people to sense, feel, think, reflect."

Tan Gek Lin is a potter who has special talent and abilities to transform a lump of clay into something interesting, beautiful and functional. According to Tan, pottery gave her a sense of joy. In that process, she sees parallels between her faith and the work of the potter with the clay, giving her a better grasp of the relationship between God and man. Her signature technical approach to pottery is based on her hand-building and throwing techniques by using gas firing to create sculptural stoneware pieces.

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