Singapore River (2007.221)


Artwork Size: 20 x 28" inches 

Watercolour on paper by Goh Chye Kee.

This painting is not framed.
For framing of this artwork, please contact our gallery at 
6339 8297.

A river-inspired impression.

The Singapore River is a witness to the city’s history. Once the channel and bustling centre of the island’s entrepot activities, nourishing migrants and merchants with refuge and opportunities, the River brimmed with colours and sights, inspiring generations of artists and poets.

As a witness to history, the River has also been party to the changes escorted by modernity. Cleaned-up and transformed, its historical role assumed by modern shipping facilities at Tanjong Pagar notwithstanding, the River takes on new layers of meaning as the confluence of commerce, culture and civic entertainment, awash in a new buzz. Yet as the city reinterprets the River’s role, it remains a depository of Singapore’s heritage and continues to remind us of who we were and where we have come from as much as who we are now.


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