Old Singapore River - Always on My Mind


An Old Singapore River Scene - Always on My Mind

Framed 40 x 30 inches
Acrylic and watercolour on paper by Wan Soon Kam

A distant perspective of Boat Quay, the detachment from the place of activity conveys objective contemplation of life. 

Wan Soon Kam is one of the rare artists who combines acrylic media with watercolour. He achieves the textured effect on the boats and buildings using acrylic and a softer wash method on the river. The exploration of different textures allows for spatial perspective. The foreground is covered with more detailed illustrations.  The brushwork in the background is lightly and delicately spread, indicating a further distance.

Wan Soon Kam's "Always on My Ming" offers a captivating and unique distant perspective, providing viewers with a contemplative outlook on Boat Quay from afar. By portraying a detachment from the bustling activity of the area, the painting effectively conveys an objective contemplation of life itself. The scene masterfully captures the essence of our heritage and the evolutionary journey of society over time.

In this portrayal, the artist skillfully portrays the historical significance of the Singapore River. The depiction of merchants and coolies toiling and labouring serves as a poignant reminder of the past, representing the early economic rise of Singapore and the beginnings of affluence. The river, the birthplace of trading in the region, holds great historical and cultural importance.

One of Wan Soon Kam's distinctive qualities as an artist lies in his innovative fusion of acrylic media with watercolour. This blending of techniques allows for a remarkable textured effect on the boats and buildings, achieved through acrylic application while using a softer wash method for the river, evoking a sense of fluidity and movement. Exploring diverse texturing techniques creates an immersive spatial perspective within the artwork.

Notably, the attention to detail in the elements closest to the viewer adds depth and realism, drawing the audience into the scene's heart. Conversely, the lighter and more delicately rendered parts suggest a greater distance, effectively enhancing the overall sense of depth and perspective in the painting.

"Always on My Mind" by Wan Soon Kam is a compelling piece of art that transcends mere visual representation. Through its skilful composition, historical significance, and innovative fusion of media, the painting provides viewers with a thought-provoking glimpse into the evolution of Singapore's society and heritage. The artist's adept use of texture and spatial perspective makes this artwork captivating and evocative.



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