Net Arrangement

$45.00 $90.00

Photography Print by Yip Cheong Fun.

This artwork is mounted on mattboard.

Down Memory Lane in Singapore:
Net Arrangement (the 1950s)

The Master Photographer, Yip Cheong-Fun is known for his seascapes. He has an unparalleled number of images like this print, capturing life by the sea, and of course, the sea itself. His keen camera lens conjures up an activity of the fishermen - a way of life from days of yore. It is like looking through a window to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery in the past, and the unique experience will propel us forward into the grey mist of the future.

This print shows a typical fishing scene on the East Coast of Singapore in the 1950s. It sways our nostalgic feelings. The coastal areas of Singapore have changed dramatically in a short period of time. Many of the images of the photographer, shot around  50 years ago, help us to recognise the speed of such changes in the landscape and the lives of the people. True, the beach and sea and the boats are still there, but the attap huts, the fishing folks and their way of life, the smell of fishes in the air - all these have gone with the passage of time.

The picture is unique in its composition and form. It is almost three dimensional, and well balanced in the layout. More remarkable is the crescent-shaped formation of the fishing folks hauling up the long fishing net and re-arranging it. The shadows and lights and the texture of the sand also make this an unusual picture. The dark sky matches the mood and atmosphere of the scene showing the setting sun and fishing folks, particularly women at work in a communal setting.

The photographer was named the Century`s Seascape Specialist. He has a keen eye for details - the serenity of the sea and the casting of long shadows on the sand, and the texture and details of the sandy beach itself. The depiction of the beach requires an understanding of the light from the sun. To capture the beauty of nature, the photographer makes both the fishing folks and the long shadows on the sand as the main subjects. Naturally, excitement comes from the action of the fishing folks.

This photograph is the artistic creation of  Yip Cheong-Fun, the Master lensman to whom The Photographic Society of New York has conferred the title, Outstanding Photographer of the Century for his work in seascape and other artistic achievements. He was also awarded the coveted 1984 Cultural  Medallion by the Government of the Republic of Singapore, the highest national award given to an artist for his or her achievement and contributions to art and culture in the Republic.

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