Handmade Tea Cup (JL0003P)


Pottery by Jessie Lim

Artwork Size: 
2 x 3 x 2 inches 

About Jessie Lim

My works consist of both the Sculptural and the Functional. The beginning of my career started with the creation of bowals, platters, jars and many functional items. Over time, however, the vessels became more sculptural in perspective. The late Mr Ng Eng Teng, Singapore's medallion holder whose sculptures adorn many buildings, loved to go for my solo exhibitions. One of his comments remains with me, "Close up the hole at the top of your pot Jessie and it becomes a sculpture!". I thought I wasn't ready to move but I took his advice to try.

The movement to Sculpture was exciting and rewarding. Forms unimaginable to me emerged from the clay as though they were always there waiting for me to materialise them. A series of "Spires" and "Orbs" were among my first creations. Today, the sculptures have moved onto pieces that some term as "sheer fantasy". I find joy in making such forms and hope to show viewers something out of their imagination and sphere of experience. In no way, have I abandoned my love to create vessels. With these, I try to capture texture, tone and movement. I see my works as contemporary; a life-long pursuit of creation from the heart. ​

Jessie Lim

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