A Caring Father - Jurong

$30.00 $90.00

Photograph Print by Yip Cheong Fun.

This artwork is mounted on mattboard.

Down Memory Lane in Singapore:
“A  Father’s  Care” 1940,  Jurong

This stunning photograph of Father’s Love pulls at our heart-strings. The picture was taken in Jurong in 1940 at a time when it was a rural area. Yip Cheong-Fun, the Master Photographer, loves to capture the highlights of changes in Singapore, at a time when the wheels of industry started to move. His photographs are more than just a mundane record of changes in the rural environment, for he always attempted to capture the images and frame them in such a way as to display an artistic vision unique to him. It is always a vision that absorbs from daily life, defining and capturing its beauty and challenges. There is a timelessness that connects us intuitively to Yip’s vision of what life is truly about at any precious moment when he pressed the shutters of his camera. Yip felt deeply about his photographic subjects, especially the rural settlers eking out a living, affected by rapid changes in their homes and places of work.

This picture is dedicated to the love that our fathers have for us. What is important is that the wee ones have somebody who looks after them and loves them, perhaps with emotions that are not often perceivable. It is somebody they can lean on, talk to, laugh with, learn from, walk beside, and hug tightly.

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