Whispers of Orient: Journey Through Forgotten Realms

Step into a world where time-honored traditions and forgotten realms come alive through art. "Whispers of Orient: Journey Through Forgotten Realms" invites you to explore the evocative landscapes and cultural heritage of Southeast Asia, as envisioned by four distinguished artists: Alex Leong, Lee Weng Fatt, Andrew Yeo, and Lui Cheng Thak.
This exhibition captures the essence of nostalgia and the mystical allure of the Orient. It showcases a collection of artworks that celebrate the beauty and history of Peranakan houses, old shop houses, bustling street scenes, and charming rural landscapes. Each piece is a window into a world filled with rich traditions and timeless stories. This exhibition is a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Nanyang region. Each artwork is a portal to a world where the past whispers its stories and the present honors its legacy.
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