The Hues of Nature Singapore Art Week 2022

Nature has been an immensely popular subject in art ever since man had realized a small rock could grind a long-lasting mark on a caves’ wall. It is a subject that we all share and understand, transcending beyond language and religion. The everlasting interest in nature stems from our instinctual belonging to our true natural environment. It brings out a raw, primal sense of self within us, despite having lived amongst the cold, hardy materials of concrete jungles for most of our modern lives. 

With the advent of the abstract art movement, artists are given a new channel of expressing emotion, thought and idea using shapes, colours and textures instead of mimicking visual reality. How then, does one blend the abstract and nature together? How can one accurately depict the beauty of nature, without compromising the principles of abstract art? 

The Hues of Nature is a showcase of artists and their compelling and unique representations of nature, it is a closer look into their unique creative processes, raw sense of self and perception of the world around them. We invite attendees to study and deconstruct our brilliant showcase of works and ask themselves, what hues of nature can they see?

The Hues of Nature feature a collection of paintings from South-East Asian artists Arthur Ting, Choy Moo Kheong, David Joe Lim, Fan Shao Hua, Goh Beng Kwan, Prabhakara and Tung Yue Nang.
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