The First Cast

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Photograph Print by Yip Cheong Fun.

This artwork is mounted on mattboard.

Down Memory Lane in Singapore:
The First Cast

This picture of fishermen off the coast of Singapore is nostalgic. Gone are the days when we can readily find fishermen near the shores of Singapore, standing poised and confident in their boats, and casting their nets effortlessly and gracefully, like matadors. So moved by this picture at an exhibition in Beijing, Chinese poets later immortalised it with stirring verses and spontaneous overflow of feelings for the boatman and his son. The First Cast, exhibited all over the world, always brings out mental images of the nets spreading out their wings untiring, beyond where the waves are strong, and where the sky is misty and grey, and in the end, they may turn out to be just nets of tears.

This picture remains the most admired of the work of the Master Photographer, internationally recognized as the top Seascape Specialist of the Twentieth Century. It is an exceptional study combining the qualities of light, atmosphere and mood. According to Mr W.Y. Choy, of the NDD of the United Kingdom and a former Director of the National Museum, this picture poses a timelessness and yet a freshness. It is Yip at his best in the seascape. The delicate play of light and shadow, the balance of the boats, and the expanse of the water combined to make it a memorable work of art. Moved by these qualities, the Photographic Society of New York elected Yip as the ¡°Honorary Outstanding Photographer of the Century¡± and as the photographic specialist in the seascape of the Twentieth Century. The photo was exhibited in New Mexico 1967; New Zealand 1969; Sahiwal, Korea, Ferigourdin, Ceylon, Oregon, USA;  Victoria, Australia; Helsinki, Rosario, Argentina.

Special Award:  Diploma of Merit: Lourenco Marques,
Mozambique     24 July 1967

This is one of the many gold medal pictures of a Chinatown photographer who has conferred the title of  Honorary Outstanding Photographer of the Century as a  photographic specialist in Seascape. Yip Cheong-Fun, the Master lensman, was also awarded the coveted 1984 Cultural Medallion by the Government of the Republic of Singapore, the highest national award given to an individual for his or her achievement and contributions to Art and Culture in the Republic.


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