Children under Trees

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Photograph Print by Yip Cheong Fun.

This artwork is mounted on mattboard.

Down Memory Lane in Singapore:
Children under Trees (Bedok, Singapore 1951)
An award-winning masterpiece of Yip Cheong-Fun

This is a remarkable picture in that the photographer wanted to take a shot to show the full height of the coconut trees, with the three little children below at ground level. It is a stunning picture as the view in front of the children`s eyes is electrifying and mysterious. It seems to depict life. The way ahead is often misty and awe-inspiring for little children as for adults. One needs to walk confidently towards the misty future. Sometimes we walk forward like small children, feeling a little nervous or uneasy, with towering trees and huge shadows looming large over us. Yes, Mother Nature is big and commanding, and often the forces of  Nature are unpredictable and sometimes, destructive, to say the least. And we, like little children are perforce filled with a sense of awe and wonder all the time at whatever stage of life, and irrespective of where we are or what we are.

The symbolism of pictorial elements:
The Master Photographer, Yip Cheong-Fun, liked to use symbolism in his artistic creations. In this print, he created the mist for his composition to depict the concept of a `misty future` in front of the path of the little children who represented all of us, big or small in this world. Mother Nature is represented by the tall coconut trees. Remember this print was artistically created before the advent of the computer.

 Reacting to the recent Tsunami disaster, the following words of poetry were penned by the writer, Andrew Yip, to remind us of Mother Nature`s wild and wanton ways and sometimes deadly and destructive mood.


“Nature`s mood in mist mystifying and passion raw,

 A fury unleashed - its deadly trails we saw,

Haunting us even when our leaves of life turned golden,

Burnt brown or black -  blight or trodden. 


This print is the artistic creation of Yip Cheong-Fun, the Master Lensman from Singapore Chinatown, who was elected by the New York Photographic Society as The Honorary  Outstanding Photographer of the Century and as a Seascape Specialist. In the words of the Society, this is the world`s highest tribute ever given to a photographer. The Photographer won many world awards and was conferred the coveted 1984 Cultural Medallion of the Republic of Singapore, the highest national award given to an individual for his or her achievement and contributions to art and culture.

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